Part 2 - Photos Relating to the Murder of Josephine Molitor in 1906, the Murder Trial of Carl Hau in 1907, and the Imprisonment of Carl Hau from 1907-1924

The Molitor home, Baden Baden


Copy of the first newspaper report of the murder, Krlsruher Zeitung, 07. November 1906. Copy, and translation below, courtesy of Thomas Kugler:

Baden-Baden 7. Nov. Yesterday, the widow of "Medizinalrat "Molitor, who formerly lived in Karlsruhe, got a call, in which she was asked to come to the post office because there was a parcel for her. Mrs. Molitor walked with her daughter to the post office. It was around 6 p.m.. A man, who was hiding, suddenly appeared and fired a shot from a revolver. The woman was hit in the back and died immediately. An act of revenge is supposed the local Badeblatt writes: The victim has been asked by telegram to come to Paris a few months ago, to her daughter who was there at that time. The telegram was a fake. Mrs. Molitor tried to figure out where the form was which the person filled in when it placed the telegram. Yesterday she got a call and she was told that the form has emerged at the post office. Again this was a fake, because the form never appeared at the local post office in Baden Baden. Mrs. Molitor was walking on her way to the post office with her daughter, apparently followed by the assassin, which fired a shot at her at close range from behind which hit her in the heart and led to rapid death. This happened in the Kaiser-Wilhelm-Straße at the top of the Lindenstaffeln. The murderer fled down the Lindenstaffeln. The body of the woman was brought to the hospital. The criminal must have had knowledge about Josephine Molitor's enquiries regarding the source document of the "Parisian telegram". The daughter is unharmed. It seems likely now that the crime has been planned well in advance.


Carl Hau's father Baptist Hau and his second wife Margarethe (Photo courtesy of Heidi Lukowsky)

Graves of Baptist and Margarethe in Bernkastele (Photo courtesy of Heidi Lukowsky)


1907 Postcard (courtesy of Thomas Kugler)


Obituary of Josephine Molitor (copy and translation courtesy of Thomas Kugler)


For the many cordial demonstrations of faithful sympathy in the bitter bereavement of our unforgettable mother

Mrs. Josephine Molitor

nee Stadelhofer

We are sincerely greatful

                             The mourning bereaved

Baden-Baden, the 9 th of November 1906

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