PDF Files Relating to Carl Hau and the Molitor Family

This page contains links to PDF files of several documents and books relating to Carl Hau, Josephine Molitor, Olga Molitor and Lina (Molitor) Hau.

1. Shortly after his release from prison, Carl Hau published two books about his experiences, Das Todesurteil ("Life Sentence"), Berlin, 1925 and Lebenslaeglich ("Prison"), Berlin 1925. Click here to read an English translation of Das Todesurteil (Many of the first few pages are incomplete - the quality gets better later in the file. If anyone would like to fill in the missing parts, it would be much appreciated.) Click here to read an English translation of Lebenslaeglich

2. Karl Hau and the Murder of Josefine Molitor by Paul Lindau was published in Berlin in 1907. Click here for an English translation of the first 79 pages - Click here for an English translation of the remainder of the book, and of the full German text

3. I Swear by the witness Lenk. Lenk was Carl Hau's cellmate while Hau was awaiting trial. The authorities tried to get Lenk to testify against Hau, based on their conversations in jail, but Lenk refused as he was absolutely convinced of Hau's innocence. I Swear may be part of the official court record in the case - I'm not sure. Lenk's final sentence reads: "Carl Hau is no murderer!" Click here to read an English translation of a portion of I Swear (If anyone has acces to the entire document, I would appreciate seeing it.)

l. On the Resumption of Hau's Trial: The 'Gray-bearded Man' behind the Molitor Women on November 6, 1906, and my Challenge to the District Attorney Dr. Bleicher to a Duel with Pistols by Baron von Reitzenstein, retired Army captain. (I have this only in English translation. The date of publication appears to be 1908.) This has to be one of the most bizarre documents to come out of the Hau case. The Baron's wife, Baroness von Reitzenstein, was a key witness in the case. Her testimony, if heard in full by the jurors, would have cast serious doubt on Hau's possible guilt. Because of the way the District Attorney used only parts of her testimony and implied she was mistaken in the rest, the Baron challenged him to a duel. The challenge was rejected, and Reitzenstein was imprisoned for one month for violating the prohibition against dueling. Because of his military status, he spent that time in very comfortable surroundings in an army fort. He makes an impassioned plea to re-open the case, based on the testimony of his wife, as well as other eyewitness accounts. Click here to read an English translation

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